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Anonymous asked:

sperglord Internet caricature of typical self diagnosed aspergers suffering shutin that has to provide input on everything and anything in the most obnoxious, self unaware, or creepy manner possible.

Whoever this person is, I’d like to point them out as a very sad, petty individual. Multiple times they’ve proven that they stalk my blog and read various posts, just so they can send cowardly messages like this in an attempt to break me down.

I’d also like to point out that this message is even lazier than their previous attempts. They just copy-pasted the UrbanDictionary definition of “sperglord”. I know this because I had to look up wtf a sperglord was. XD


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Anonymous asked:

About dragons being evil... I like to think of what they're doing being no different than a beaver building a dam. It disrupts the life of other creatures, but it's how they live and I don't think you can really fault them for that. Clans can still care about beasts with a little compromise; let them live in/near their lairs, form alliances, etc. It's a new challenge for clans. Some beasts/dragons fight, cooperation not seen as an option. Can't paint all with the same brush. I duno, just ramblin

The “beaver dam” analogy did cross my mind, when I likened them to a “force of nature”. The problem comes in that when a beaver builds a dam, it doesn’t completely obliterate entire nations of equally sentient creatures (Flight Rising’s own words, not mine). Plus a beaver’s dam is a natural part of the world; it enhances the environment it’s in and comes and goes just like any other part of the natural world.

Established lore tells us that the dragons aren’t exactly natural: they were purposefully created by the Eleven for conflict, and the new lore outright says they “were forged to war and claim territory in the name of [their] eleven patrons”. Their existence doesn’t enhance environments that were already there, it destroys them: “These giants tore through beastclan lands, their elemental magics and titanic size too great to stand against. Nations that had taken generations to build were obliterated and remade into wyrm caverns and roosts. Many clans were completely decimated. Those that remained were isolated from their bretheren.”

There’s also the problem that a beaver is acting only on instinct, while dragons are established as being sentient. They have language, they have society, they craft, they learn, they remember. So the interpretation of them as a force of nature only doing what they were built to do creates a double standard. How do they have enough intelligence and sentience to craft armor, to create art, to build machines, and yet still somehow be unable to say “hey, maybe we shouldn’t trample over generations-old civilizations because it’s kind of rude”, especially when we know they’re perfectly aware that the beastclans are just as sentient as they are themselves (see: the Dunhoof centaurs).

I’m sure there are some clans out there that are more peaceful and make an attempt to live alongside the beastclans, but “Beastclans on the Rise” tells us that would be the exception, not the rule. So while I’m fairly certain this is all set-up for something bigger (the return of the Shade, perhaps?), at the moment, it paints a pretty uncomfortable picture of dragonkind as a whole.

(In case it isn’t obvious, I love digging into lore, picking it apart, interpreting it, all that fun stuff. I do it for every game I play, just ask my friends. :P )

So I’ve had a couple days to think about this new major movement of lore and story, and… I don’t like it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of it. I love the confirmation that the beastclans are an actual presence in the world, rather than just a backdrop to the dragons. I love the forward movement of the story. What I don’t love, however, is that so far, what we’ve learned has basically turned our dragons into one of two things: either they’re thoughtless, mindless brutes who only know how to do what they were built for, regardless of who it hurts (“Dragonkind was forged to war and claim territory in the name of its eleven patrons”), or worse, they do recognize what they’re doing and they don’t care.

What I don’t love is that both of these interpretations turn the dragons — the focus of the site, our avatars, our characters — into the villains. They’re either a mindless army akin to an implacable force of nature or they’re actively malicious, dominating, ruinous conquerors who don’t care about anything or anyone smaller than they are.

As it stands now? I want the beastclans to win. I want them to find a way to drive back the dragons and take back what was theirs. Or I at least want the dragons to realize they done fucked up and try to fix their mistakes and make peace with the other sentient races of the world. And heck, if that’s ultimately where the story is going, awesome! But if it’s not…

How is this a good way to portray the main characters?

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