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I have been trying to breed this exact dragon for a year, and I finally got him.

One year and one week ago exactly, I bought his great-great-grandmother, Rune, an Obsidian/Blood/Rose IriShim Imperial, for 400k. She was my very first Imperial, and part of the agreement was her breeder would get first pick of her first clutch. I never quite got over having to give up the Midnight/Crimson/Crimson perfection she produced, and I’ve been trying ever since to replicate him.

Now, finally, a year and five generations later, here he is. I did it.



do you remember when iri imps were 350k

I remember buying my first Imperial for well over 1 million…

I got my first Imperial for 400k, and that was on a payment plan that I scrambled to fulfill. I still have her, too. And I’m still bitter about having to give up the Mid/Crim/Crim son she had in her first clutch as part of the agreement, since I’ve been trying literally every since to recreate him. XD

To all the people still bitching about no flying in WoD,

Shut. Up.

I’ve been in the beta since literally day one. I’ve leveled 90 to 100. I’ve run around exploring, doing bonus objectives, looking for treasure, and figuring out the jumping puzzles. I’ve taken quite a few taxis, especially while hearthstones were bugged and kept taking you back to Orgrimmar. And guess what?

Life didn’t end because I couldn’t fly on my own.

The game is no harder because I can’t fly. Quests take no longer because I can’t fly. Taking care of my stuff in my garrison is no more troublesome because I can’t fly. Hell, travel isn’t even that much longer because I can’t fly. And you know what? The world is more immersive and fun because I can’t fly.

Do I miss flying? Yeah, a little. I’d love to be able to see some of the amazing Draenor scenery from a bird’s eye view on my own terms. Sometimes I’d also love to park myself in the sky and go afk away from all the mobs… which is exactly one of the things they said they don’t want people to do, and I get why. It’s lazy. It defeats the purpose of us being essentially stranded in an unknown, Savage™ world. Who cares about the Iron Horde, the Legion, the gronn, and the very angry clefthooves when all you have to do is pop on your flying mount and float a hundred yards above the highest flying rylak?

We all got spoiled not just by Cataclysm that let us fly on launch day, but also by BC, Wrath, and MoP that let us fly at all. Yes, flying is convenient, but it’s not going to ruin your game experience if you can’t do it. If all you have to go on is what it was like questing and traveling in vanilla without flying, I’d invite you to join us in 2014. Blizzard has done a lot to improve all of that; even in a buggy beta I’m able to see that.

You love to bitch and moan about how Blizzard ignores and trivializes your concerns. Well, how about you stop wanting to ignore and trivialize the content they worked so hard to make just because it’s a little more inconvenient?

(in b4 the “ur just a blizzard fangirl” and “don’t like flying, don’t use it, don’t take it from the rest of us” arguments because i don’t even)

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